March 24, 2017 @ 9:00 pm

Boonholler Live March 24 and 25 at 9pm


Boonholler is Randy Gabel-guitar,vocals. Ricky Renouf-bass-lead vocals, Roger Boon-drums. A New band that plays new country mixed with old classic rock and even a couple of old traditional country songs. They’re main goal to to get people to dance with up tempo songs that are new and old from both genres .

Randy Gabel and Ricky Renouf also play with veteran rock singer Darby Mills from The “Headpins” a two time double platinum band with hit’s like “Just one more time” and “Turn it Loud” to her credit. Randy also play with “The Vindicators” with Jeff Neil from “Streetheart” a hugely successful band with plenty of hits and multi-platinum sales.

Ricky Renouf is a veteran vocalist that has fronted bands for 30 years on the mainland and is well known to just about anyone who plays on the mainland. He has toured with “Junkhouse” and recorded with Paul Dean from “Loverboy” as well as “Brian Macloud” from Headpins.

Holding down the grove is Roger Boon an experienced drummer from Comox valley that drives this three piece band. Roger has played the island and lower mainland for 30 years.
This band also has a very extensive song list and take requests to whatever the needs of the crowd are.

So, like, shit kickin’ country. It’s close to what “southern rock” was.
Skynyrd-ish but with more blue collar sensibility and subject material.
“My job, my truck, my girl, tailgate partying” etc. drinkin’ beer, shooting guns, wasting ammo, good ‘ol boy, redneck stuff.

There’s enough “rock” in it to “get you going” but with more
redneck blue collar subject, workin’ man stuff.